Cozy season is here...

Moni & Claudio confessed to me before our photoshoot how very awkward they might feel in front of the camera. Believe me... I know how it feels! But I have my tricks to make this experience stress-free.

One of the best ways to work with camera shy couples is to think about an environment where they can feel as comfortable & cozy as possible.

For this very unique engagement session, I decided to start with cozy, intimate vibes home session at their apartment. There's no place like home right?

Without thinking about 'posing' much I asked Moni & Claudio to lounge with each other on their bed, very close to the biggest window in their apartment. They cuddled, they laughed, they kissed...

They held each other close in the way they always do!

Minute by minute they felt even more relaxed. They totally forgot about me being around.

And that's the best thing for every photographer! For me personally it's very important to understand your unique personality & needs. I listen to your story, your expectations and it's my job to capture the REAL you.

And in this case...simplicity is everything!

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