Before you share your story...

Let me tell you mine..

My name is Ana. I’m 33 years old, a self-taught photographer, visual storyteller, proud mom & travel enthusiast.
Born and raised in Poland. Currently live and work in beautiful London.

Probably you're curious why PHOTOGRAPHY?

Since I remember photography has been always in my life. Without a lie this is truly my biggest passion. And I remember the exact moment when it started.

I was 8 years old, sitting on the sofa, holding old photographs in my hand, taken by my dad when I was little. Touching that matte paper with a little bit of texture, filmy warm tones and a loooot of grain. That moment has had the biggest impact on my photography journey. I can see it now.

My & approach

If I had to explain my style in just a few would be somewhere between cinematic, intimate, candid and timeless with editorial touch.

I love playing with light and shadows. And personally there's no such thing as "bad light", it's just the way how you are able to use it.

Creating images with movement & intentional blur, bring deep emotions, context and storytelling into your gallery. Especially those in black&white.

They literally give me butterflies!

I'm all about capturing you for who you truly are. I'm not into posed, looking "straight into the camera" images, but honestly - I totally understand how awkward it can feel that's why I know exactly how to direct you to capture those in-between moments you'll treasure the most.


If I wasn't a photographer...

Graphic designer

Dream travel destination

Tulum, Mexico

Favourite song

Booka Shade - LOVE Inc.


Fashion, Dancing & singing ( I loooove musicals!)

Favourite moment of the day

Breakfast & evening cuddles with my daughter

Food I love...