Dreamy, golden hour couples photoshoot in Central London...

I must admit that, personally this couples photoshoot is one of my favourite so far.

"Why?"- you would ask. First of all, golden hour is my favourite time to take pictures and offers many advantages. The light is softer and more flattering, creates an intimate atmosphere which is perfect to capture special moments between a couple. The second reason is that I just love London so much and City of London is such a great area to just wander around. And this is exactly what we did. I met with Vlada & Philip close to Monument tube station, right in the heart of City Of London. We were so lucky with the weather that day! We walked around Bank of `England which is a perfect backdrop for a timeless couples photoshoot. We shot in the middle of the busy streets with the red famous London buses in the background (oh and with the Black Cabs tool!) and close to the subway entrance.

After awhile we walked towards Tower Bridge - this is also my favourite photo spots, even though sometimes it can be super crowded. Sun was going down, last rays of sun tickled their faces...it was absolutely magical!

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